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May 27, 2020
I'm joining this site because I want to to know more about raising backyard chickens. My husband and I got our first hens (Rhode Island Reds) about a year ago and loved them so much that we just got 6 Barred Rock hens. We are in the process of building a bigger coop for all our girls. When we first talked about getting hens, I wasn't so sure because I wasn't a bird person. But he talked me into it and after about 2 months, I was hooked. I love my girls. They come when I call them and eat their favorite food, meal worms, out of my hand. We currently have a silkie rooster that I'm trying to rehome because he doesn't like my husband AT ALL!
I'm hoping that through this site, I can find answers to any backyard chicken question that may arise and that I may have an answer to some myself.
I'm mostly a horse person and I have 3 horses and 2 donkeys on my farm. We also have 2 dogs and a cat.

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Hi and welcome to BYC. There are quite a few horse people here, so check out the horsey threads. Chat with other BYC members nearby using the links in my signature, below (turn your phone to landscape to see them).

Make yourself at home and enjoy the forums.

Best wishes

Pork Pie

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