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Jan 23, 2021
Welcome. I would start with three hens since minimum and wait till they age and production drops before getting three more. That should provide you with a dozen a week. This keeps them laying at a :welcome rate you can handle.

This article may be helpful in choosing breeds: Check it out. Please note the breed chart and characteristics with resources linked attached in the article.
Thank You!!! I appreciate the information and link to the article. I definitely want some good tempered, egg layers!

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Welcome to BYC Katheryn, hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. What is your climate like in March? I believe you mentioned having chicks sent in March. If March is cold & blustery like it is here, it would be better to have them sent in warmer, settled weather.

Some hatcheries enclose male chicks - as warmers. But, then you might be stuck with males you cannot rehome. You can see how little male chicks mean to them.

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