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8 Years
Dec 3, 2011
Hi everyone! And happy new year! I am a newbie in both raising chickens and visiting this forum. I never believed I would be as caught up with my chickens as I am, and they are just now 8 weeks old. I'm excited about having a resource to go to when I have questions, and I look forward to everyone's advice.


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Sep 22, 2009
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from California! Welcome to BYC!

When my very first chick were at 8 weeks of age, I was so in love with them I could not believe it. And as they grew and matured and developed more individual personalities, I was HOOKED. Never in my life would I have thought CHICKENS would be so interesting and so full of personality. Never. Had I known that, I would have gotten into chickens years ago.

Bug eaters, fertilizer producing, egg laying, dirt scratching, dust bathing, silly running, just all around great pets to watch. And the benefits!

Enjoy your flock - BYC is THE best place for chicken folks.
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