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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
My family and I are new to owning chickens. We bought two chicks last August and they are doing very well. They are a Delaware and a Danish Leghorn. We now have a very young Golden Cookoo and a very young Americauna (actually, we have three Americaunas, but we think only one is a girl and the boys will have to be re-homed as soon as we're sure). We just got four "class room" chicks who are only two weeks old. We don't know what they are yet, breed or gender. We're hoping two of them are girls, which will give us six girls total. I've read a lot of information on this website about how to tell the gender of a chicken! It sounds like with the Americaunas, we will have to wait until they each crow or lay an egg!

We've been working hard on a new bigger coop and expect to have it done by the time the chicks are old enough to join the older "girls" to sleep outside. This website has been an inspiration and given us a lot of great ideas.

We have two Great Pyrenees dogs and they are loving having a "job" to do by protecting the chickens all day!


8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
North Central Kansas
Greetings from Kansas, RAF1, and
! Pleased you joined our community! Best of luck to you and your chickens! Love your dogs!!

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