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8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Buffalo (but from Long Island)
Hello, I've been reading through this forum for a bit now and just registered. I have never had poultry, being a city-boy from Long Island, NY. I'm currently a student in Buffalo (second-time around....I'm 34 now). I share my life with Sammy, my male double yellow headed amazon parrot, who will be 20 this month (I've had him since he was 7). I've decided that when I'm done with graduate school I'd like to move to the Homestead, FL area and have a small flock of chickens, guineas, peafowl and geese, so I'm just in the learning stage. However, this has been on my mind for years, so I'm a newbie with regards to experience but I've done LOTS of reading. I'm also an exotic animal lover and have been a member of several email groups for various species (fennec foxes, kinkajous, genets, etc.). I've loved the community feeling I perceive through this group, and look forward to making some new associations.

P.S. I guess because I'm new, I can't share pics of my handsome boy Sammy right now, so you'll have to wait a bit on seeing him.

from Georgia
Welcome from northern California! Sounds like you're going to love it here. Keeping poultry is a real joy, as I'm sure you'll find out.
I've kept a great many different species of animals and I find poultry is really my niche. (I have an interest in fennec foxes, too--but living in California, I'm not sure how I can make it work to have one. Ah, perhaps someday!) Poultry are interesting, diverse, wonderful animals, and there is constantly something new to learn and appreciate about them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here!

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