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May 28, 2012
Hi All
So happy to have found Backyardchickens! We've got 6 young 'uns, that have grown too fast! They were chicks for 3 days, it seems. At 7 weeks old, I still have yet to build them something. They are enjoying the garage and bit of the backyard bushes.
I've been looking at so many of the lovely coops that people have posted. Such talent!
nice to meet you! I am new to the forum also and I am now looking into putting a coop in my backyard. I am new to this and I have been looking on websites for easy instruction guides because I am not very good at carpentry. I found one on that I hope can help me. I plan on ordering it soon.
Welcome! They grow extremely fast, especially the ISAs we bought. I had the coop half way done when we bought our chicks, and they still nearly outgrew the brooder before I was ready for them.
Hi & Welcome to you too.
I've searched all over for plans too. Tractor Supply has some ideas. On their site,look under the "Know how central"-- Found out about it on BYC recent post--She built a beautiful tractor coop .

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