new member - What do I do with Duck Eggs in my planter?


Jul 3, 2022
I have a new duck egg every morning in my flower pot. Up to 5 now. I never see the duck sitting on the eggs. Not during day, not during middle of the night. Are the eggs fertilized? Are they rotting? We have ducks in our yard hanging out everyday but not on the nest. I live on a lake. What advise do you have?... to leave the eggs, move them, toss them, eat them?
Just a hint. We had a member here before who got deeply involved in trying to protect a broody duck who laid a nest in the member's garden. It nearly drove the member to distraction. I don't know if any of us heard the end of 7thArchAngel's story, but I don't think any of the ducklings hatched.

You might either build a protective perimeter around the nest now while the bird is still coming and going, or resolve not to worry, or else toss the eggs.

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