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Hi there from Southern California! I am really clueless when it comes to chickens. We have never had any or even been around any. However we "inherited" a rooster. He looks to be young. And we were already talking about getting chickens so now I guess we are going to be forced to. I have a question regarding feed. We went to our local feed store and asked what to feed him and they sold us chicken scratch. However on your forum I've noticed that scratch should be a treat. What do I feed him? And what about grit? Any feed back or help would be greatly appreciated.

glad you joined!

I agree that scratch should be used as a treat.

I have roosters as well as hens, and I feed them all layers pellets.

oh and Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens!!!
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from Twentynine Palms in the California high desert!

Yes, scratch is a treat. Laying pellets will work. But if you end up getting more chickens, you will need to feed them the appropriate food for their stage of development. Chick Starter for chicks, then grower, then when they begin to lay, the layer pellets.

Good Luck! It's addicting!!
welcome! Yup, depends on the age of your roo.. Feed him what the girls will be eating... Unless he's a little guy, then grower/finisher. Keep him on it till the girls you get are laying, then switch him to layer feed with the girls.
from Washington State glad you joined us!
Great place to get information, very helpful people on this site, enjoy your new chickens!
I'm new here, from So Cal as well! Greetings! I purchased Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens and it has been an amazing resource as I'm a first time chicken mama as well. Scratch is the equivalent of candy to chickens, so you are supposed to use them sparingly for treats/training. I will defer to the much more experienced members here for further info. We bought organic crumbles for the new pullets we're bringing home tomorrow but plan to use scratch sparingly when they are mature. Best wishes!

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