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Nov 22, 2015
Elgin, SC
I have a question about dividing roosters and hens. We have 3 roosters and 22 hens, all approximately 7 months old. The dominant rooster has laid claim to 6 specific hens, but will call several girls to him. The 2nd rooster has his small group, and will also call. This leaves the poor 3rd guy with 1 extremely disinterested (she hasn't started laying yet) hen. He's getting chased by the dominant guy, so I'm going to move him and his 1 hen. My question is, can I take one of the other hens that has been hanging with another rooster for him? I will be moving them off the property for about a month.


You could move some hens for him, but with only two hens those hens are going to have a rough time. It's recommended that you have at the very least five hens per rooster, more if possible. I would suggest getting more hens for him if you are splitting the group up.

Also, from a biosecurity perspective, taking birds off the property and then bringing them back poses a disease risk. Make sure any you bring back after the separation are quarantined for at least two weeks, especially if they will be around other poultry.
Thanks for the quick response! I plan on integrating him and the 2 girls with 4 other girls that are at my house. All of us (rooster, 6 hens, me and my dog!) will be moving to 4 acres in a month--they won't be going back in with the original group. Also, I will be adding hens once I have settled in.

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