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hi my name is Marc. I’m a new member here. My wife and I live in New Jersey.

We recently bought 7 chicks. 3 EE, 2 Australorps, 1 OE, 1 Barred Rock.

I work in IT and I am a balloon twister as a side hustle. My wife is a social worker.

I need some advice on building my coop which I’ll post about shortly. :)
Hi Marc, Welcome to the BYC flock!
Check out the coop pages for ideas!
Lots of friendly people here happy to help guide you.
:welcome so glad you have joined us. And congrats on getting your flock.

Sounds like a wonderful mix of breeds.

First decide on the style coop/run that fits your needs. Build larger than the minimum requirements....I didn't and had to more than double their home within one year.

Once you have plans but have specific questions, then feel free to post those under the coops forum.

Good luck with the new get going, they will grow so very fast and be ready for their permanent home sooner than you expect.
Hi Marc. :welcome. You should get plenty of great help and advice from the friendly members here. Glad to have you in the flock. What is a balloon twister?
I make balloon art for kids parties, corporate and civic events. Here is an example a baby chicken hatching I made out of balloons. ;)


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