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Aug 28, 2011
My name is Mark. I live in North Jersey. I have 7 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Americuana, 1 Black Star and 1 Barred Rock. I bought all my chickens from a farm in Pittstown, New Jersey, and am very happy with my chickens. I am learning everyday about the do's and don'ts. I have had them about 9 weeks now and love them to death. I never would have thought I was going to enjoy them this much. At first it was "get a couple of chickens, get some free eggs, and when they are done laying.....chicken soup." Now since owning them I have changed to already building a retirement home called "The Hen House." I have been on this site from day one of thinking about chickens, and absolutely love the support and willingness to help from all the other members. So I say, thank you and hope I can also contribute with my mistakes and successes.
from NW PA!
Hi everyone, im totally new to this. I live on a farm and never had chickens. My husband got me 5 cream legbar chicks and a new henhouse for a present, i keep them in my apple orchard. My 5 chickens have now grown to 19 chicks. Ive got 3 x chocolate orpingtons, 2 x light sussex, 1 x lavender aracuna, 2 x barnnevelder double laced, 2 x exchequers, and 4 x silkie crosses which are adorable and only 2 days old.. Im going to breed the cream legbars next year cos they have lovley blue eggs.. Cant wait to meet loads of people here
I am a new member also because I was given a chicken someone got for Easter and then didn't want. It is a Rhode Island Red and I really think she is a nice pet and I am hoping to get some eggs soon. I want to buy one more chicken but can't seem to find anywhere local to buy them. Any advice?? I am in Western Pa.
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