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May 18, 2015
oakdale can.
I have bantam couchins and I'm looking for more where do you buy your chickens in California?
Welcome Nanaschicken! If you type in California, in the search bar, you will find the forums of people living in California. You might even find someone in your area raising the same chickens! I'm sure someone will swing by here and talk to you but pretty sure you'll be talking to someone in California, quicker, by going to their group. Your girls are cuties, lol.
Hi and welcome to our flock!

So glad you could join BYC! I'm not sure what the best place to get chickens is in California, since I don't live there. However, if you go the California state thread and ask there, I'm sure you'll get some answers:

California - Northern
California-Inland Empire

Cochins bantams are lovely birds! I once had two and they were very sweet and beautiful. Good luck with your flock.

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