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    This is to help New Members get a start on BYC.

    Q: How do i change my signature?
    A: Click on Profile then Scroll down to Personality. Click on it an it will lead you to box where you can add your signature

    Q: How Do I change my avatar?
    A: Click on Profile then Scroll down to Personality. Click on it an it will lead you to a button where you can add a avatar

    Q: What is new egg?
    A: It is your title

    Q: How can I change my title?
    A: Your title changes depending on how many posts you have

    Q: What are all the titles?
    A: Just hatched- 25 Posts
    Out of The Brooder- 50
    Chillin' with my Peeps- 150
    Overrun with Chickens-500
    Chicken Obsessed- 1000
    True BYC Addict- 2500
    Flock Master- 5000
    Depending on your involvement they make give you a customized Title

    Q: What is a Golden Feather Member?
    A: Is a paid Membership. You'll have more storage space. You can request a title and many more perks. It's 12 dollars for Six months. 20 for a year

    Q: I don't like my user name. Can i change it?
    A: Yes you can. Just PM a Moderator

    Q: How do you PM someone?
    A: All you have to do is Click on the PM button underneath the person's name

    Q: How do I post a Picture?
    A: Click on Uploads. Chose the file. Then submit. Then Pick which picture you want to use. Copy the code underneath the picture. Then Copy the code in the post. Your Picture will now be there

    Some Common Abbreviations often used:

    A Broody: a Chicken who is broody. Which means she wants to sit on eggs.
    Bator: A incubator

    BBR:Black Breasted Red

    BIL:Brother in Law

    BLRW:Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

    BLRW:Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

    BO:buff orpington

    Boss: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

    BR:Barred rock

    BTB:Black tailed buff

    BTW:black tailed white

    BYB:Backyard Breeder

    CM:Cuckoo Marans

    DC:Dear Children

    DD:Dear Daughter, Dear Dad

    DE: Diatomaceous earth

    DF:Dear Father

    DH:Dear (most times) Husband

    DM:Dear Mother, Dear Mom

    DS:Dear Son

    DSD:Dear StepDaughter

    DSF:Dear StepFather

    DSM:Dear StepMother

    DSS:Dear stepSon

    EE: Easter Egger. A breed of chicken

    FIL:Father in Law

    GPH:Gold Penciled Hamburg

    IMHO:in my humble opinion

    IMO:in my opinion

    JBG:Jersey Black Giant

    LF: Large Fowl

    MIL:Mother in Law

    Mutt: A Mixed breed

    OEG:Old English Gamebirds

    OEGB: a Old English Game Bantam. A chicken Breed

    PQ- Pet Quality

    RIR:rhode island red

    Scovy: Muscovy Duck

    SDW:Silver Duck Wing

    SIL:Sister in Law

    SLW:Silver Laced Wyandotte

    SQ- Show Quality

    WCP:White crested polish


    1.Have fun. The forum is for you to enjoy yourself

    2. You'll need a sense of humor. Sometimes you have to just laugh things off.

    3. Don't Open Really Old Threads.

    4. Don't Be afraid to Start a thread. If you have a question go ahead and ask.

    5. Don't Give in to Trolls. BYC is a wonderful place but there are a few members who choose to "troll". Don't give them the satisfaction. Just click the report button and file a report.

    6. Sometimes your threads will get ignored. Don't take a personally. Sometimes people just don't know how to reply.

    7. Being a new member can be hard. Often if you have a low post count some people won't take you seriously. Don't let it get to you. You are a important part of this community.

    8. If you ever have a question you don't feel like posting feel free to PM me. I would be more than welcome to answer it the best I can.

    9. If someone continuously trolls you on multiple threads please just WALK AWAY. It is the mature thing to do. You don't want to do something you'll regret later.

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    there are alot more asbbreviations you could add, but it'll do [​IMG]
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    Under the Index at the top of the page is a helpful FAQ's section. [​IMG]
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    Nice! [​IMG]
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    Hello [​IMG] and welcome to BYC [​IMG] from Hesperia, Ca
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    Great Job!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] from WA. glad you joined us!
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    lol i love the peaople who dont even read the post of the new member. just slap in thier welcome to byc and get their post count. Nice job wolf dog man!
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    Sturgeon, MO
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    Hahah, I did not know a ton of these abbreviations! Thanks for teaching me [​IMG]
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    Brooke Kilby
    Hahah, I did not know a ton of these abbreviations! Thanks for teaching me

    Same with me this is very good! [​IMG]

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