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8 Years
May 23, 2011
We, my partner David and I, are new to BYC. Hello! The main reason we've signed up is we recently bought new chickens and a chicken tractor/coop. Two chickens are pullets, two are adults, about 1 year old. Chickens aren't new to us, but these chickens are. Our issue - the adults are an Aracana and a black Sex-link. When they first joined us, they both gave us eggs for a few days. Now, for about a week, only the Aracana is laying. The Black Sex-link seems happy and healthy but hasn't laid at all in that time. We don't understand. Any help is very much welcomed!
Welcome to BYC. The stress of moving has caused the one hen to stop laying--chickens hate change. Once she feels at home, she will resume egg laying.
Welcome from a fellow Oregonian! Glad you joined the forum.

Hens can stop laying for many reasons....stress, something scared her, change in diet..... If you just brought her home she may just be adjusting to her new environment. Wish I could offer more insight.

You should check out this thread We have some great local members that put on Oregon Poultry Swaps. It's a great chance to meet fellow poultry people and to buy/sell/trade birds. Hope to see you there.

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