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9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
My name is Carol Wolf and my daughter is Erika Wolf and we are just joining. We own Wolf Ceek Farms in Dandridge, Tn near the base of the Smoky mountains. I am a nurse and Erika is a senior in high school. I have shown llamas for 10 years, horses, and dogs and just about everything else. ERika has been showing silkies and now bantam polish over the last 2 years and has done quite well. She has met many friends here in the southeast and I am really proud of her sportsmanship and helpfulness to young youth who are just sstarting out. She is always willing to help new people with advice. We especially would like to thank the breeders who have helped us along the way with our success. Cathryn Walden, Jack Ferguson, Bobbi Porto, Alan Sanford, and Kathy Troxel. Hope to see you all at some shows.

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