new mod's???


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Dec 22, 2007
Maryland :)
a few people are becoming mods and as the site grows we'll need more..
i wanna be a mod...
haha. i wanna feel special.
the next best thing is administator
but i dont think nifty will give it up

reply if you wanna be a mod.
but if your a mod...
I am a mod on another type of forum with 10,000 members.

It isn't all fun and games, it is sometimes a thankless job and it doesn't pay anything.

Even though I am a relative newbie here, I'd like to say a big thanks to the mods and admin here for all you do.

I don't envy you all a bit.
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I believe, that if you want to be a mod, don't ask, people who ask don't get chosen.

Nifty said that in the forum page terrie posted here.

& I'm not being rude
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i didnt mean to ask.
kinda that
im an optionnn!
well not really
i got school and work.
and get maybe and 1 and a half on the pc
blueroo wrote:
I only come in here to lurk most of the time. What I see from this board and other boards, is that moderators are people who lay low and just help. For example.

1) They respond to posts with helpful information.
2) They are not "well known" and honestly want to help first.
3) They don't ask to be a mod and are humble people.
4) They are mature and rarely play games or haggle with the moderation.
5) They are peace keepers who are good at biting their tongue even though you can see their frustration.

My guess is that if someone is TRYING to be a mod, they will never be one, as that is part of being humble.

Sorry if I broke any rules here by stating these things I have observed.

Nifty wrote
100% Spot on! So far we've never invited anyone to be a moderator that has asked to be one.

Moderators are chosen for the reasons listed in many posts in this thread. In general, not because of the sheer number of posts, but because when they do post it is helpful, friendly, and level headed.


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