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    Mar 7, 2011
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    I put these two grow out pen together they are made in sections the side is 12 ft long 6 ft tall. the ends are 4 ft wide 6 ft tall. Make the panels square the pitch of the roof is made by adding a two inch board to the front pull a string from front to back ajust rafters to string for pitch.
    I built the sides and ends and put them together on site just level ground screw the sections together.then cut 2x4 4 ft for roof rafters the second section you only need one side and two ends screw together.the roost area is made out of 6 ft fence board only $.99 each pt 2x4x8 $1.97 each.i cut the board at bottom at 45 deg angle to act as a lap so rain cant blow in. Put tin on roof and put wire in bottom add sand and dirt done. I've got 23 10 week old bantams in one looks like you could put 50 in there with room to spare.
    What i like about them you can add another one to it by adding two end and one side using this system you can make it any size you like build panel in shop or barn in this hot weather when it cool down in the evening put together.

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    Good job, boss. Planning a similar project this summer. Well done.........Pop
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    Apr 15, 2011
    Nery nice job and a wonderful idea building as panels!! [​IMG]

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