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Hi there! I've lurked for several months now just researching and reading. My city started allowing chickens a few years ago but requires an expensive special use permit and a court date for lots under 3 acres... with that hassle I sadly don't actually have chickens of my own. My backyard is fairly small and backs up to a creek with hawks so I'm not sure I would feel safe for them anyway, but I would still love to have some though, hence my reading :) Maybe we'll move someday...

I love the pretty egg colors as I'm sure most of you do, and currently live vicariously through random videos I find on youtube and reddit of chickens attacking kale, cabbage, and mealworms.
Welcome to aka BYC! :frow
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:welcome Howdy from Texas. I understand what you are talking about my friend, some places do make it hard to have chickens.:hitBut there are ways you, yourself could have a small flock. If you don't mind suggestions: Go to your local feed store and look at some chicks. Some feed stores will allow you to purchase 3. Then you could get a small completely enclosed coop that will fit in the area you have. The coop will hold 3 chickens and it will have a small area they can get out into called a run.:ya. So there is a way you could have your own small flock. (Oh of course you still got to get the permit.):thumbsup But I am giving you just some ideas. Anyway if you come up with any questions, comments, or any ideas we could assist you with just chime in and ask:caf. So pull up a chair and stay a while. Thanks for joining us!:wee
Maybe you would be happy with a house chicken. I would suggest a bantam breed(small) like Serama or Silkie. Please check out "people with house chickens" thread on this site.
Seramas were bred to be house pets. Silkies are very fluffy, and often pass as small dogs.

My friend has had different breeds for close to 30 years, most often silkies (her favorite breed). Just don't get a rooster or everyone will know you have one.
Welcome Shevraeth! Good to have you here at BYC!

I looked up the Unified Development Ordinance for Olathe, Kansas, which is where it says you have to have a special use permit for farm animals on less than three acres. It says, however, that you can have up to four pets "by right."

Chickens are clearly farm animals (not pets). But quail typically don't fall into that category. They aren't really pets, either. They are game birds. Anyway, if I lived in Olathe, I would take the position that the ordinance does not prohibit me from keeping quail.

I'm not saying the animal control officer (or the judge) is going to agree. I'm just saying that you may have the option, if you're open to quail instead of chickens.

I'm also not suggesting that you approach it in an antagonistic way. You can be nice about it when you first check into it, if that's the direction you decide to go.

I love our quail as much as our chickens, by the way!
G’Day from down under Shevraeth :frow Welcome!

x2 on Plip's suggestion of Quail; the quieter, easier-to-keep-stealth cousin of the chicken ;)

I hope you enjoy being a BYC member. There are lots of friendly and very helpful folks here so not only is it overflowing with useful information it is also a great place to make friends and have some fun.

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