New Nigi doe-my does won't stop butting her


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Due to circumstances beyond their control my neice and her DH need to have their lone Nigerian doe stay at our home with my 2 Pgymy/Nigi mutt does for a few months. My winter set-up is small. A 4 x 8 ft shed with a 20 ft square yard accessable all day then at night I close the girls inside the shed. They brought over their doe this morning and my 2 girls will not leave her alone. My 2 have horns, theirs does not. She is also slightly smaller. I thought about leaving the shed door open but we are expecting sleet, freezing rain, snow and extremely cold temps tonight and I do not want them to not let her in. Any suggestions or do I just let them go?

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That's normal when you add in a goat without introducing them gradually. A herd of goats has an established heriarchy and when you add a new one, it messes that system up and they will fight/butt each other until the heriarchy is reestablished. There's really nothing you can do besides separate them to totally stop the problem.
Thanks so much! I decided to lock all 3 in the shed. It is now sleeting outside and 25* so I put a piece of plywood inside against the back wall with an opening on either end hoping that the other two wouldn't be able to hit her as hard straight on and she could hide back there to get away. Since I locked them in at 5pm they have been quiet. I have gone out every half hour to quietly listen to see if there was any "rough housing" going on and it has been ok. The last time I went out I couldn't bear not looking and my 2 were together and she was laying behind the barrier. I am outside by 6:30am when it is still dark so I will open the door then so Myatt, the new doe, can get out if needed. I am hoping to not have a "house" goat.
Bringing a new goat in where there is already a bonded pair (in your case 2 girls) is tough on the new goat. It's kind of like three kids playing always seems to be picked on and left out of the fun.
It would be easier to bring two new goats in or bring a single goat into a larger herd. I hope they get it worked out. Those horns can hurt especially since the new one doesn't have any.
It was a good idea to put the plywood in. If your two girls continue to knock her around a lot you will need to figure something else out. If all else fails take one of your girls out for a couple of days if you have someplace to take it. Then reintroduce your girl back to see if it changes the dynamics.
If your two weren't horned I wouldn't be as concerned. Also make sure that the new goat is getting to food and water. Goats can be real butts about sharing.
Good Luck!
It sounds like you're making the best of an unfortunate situation. The horns vs. Disbudded isn't ideal. I'd just make sure there are multiple hay feeding stations. I'd also skip any grain feeding, if you do that right now, until everyone is better aquatinted.
They seem a little better this morning. I took all three for a walk around the woods hoping to give them distractions of grazing on dead leaves and pine boughs. We stayed out for about half an hour, I ran so they run and expend some energy. Hopefully they will get along.
I took them out today, nice long walk, stop to nibble here and there. Back in the pen and BAM the Alpha doe hits her. UGH! In truth, they 2 haven't been as bad. They try to keep her out of the house, which is weird because normally they won't go in unless it is raining. The butting is not as hard and I am hoping that if they really wanted to they could have hurt her by now. Just wish they would get along.

I'm glad they are starting to get along better, and I thought only my wife walked and ran with her goats.

They are so good to walk with! Follow right along, not too far ahead or behind. The problem is they don't come if I call. If I RUN at top speed they will chase right after me so that is the only way to get them where I need them to be.

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