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    Nov 10, 2012
    I bought a new hen from a feed store bcuz she was getting pecked in the head non-stop by the rooster [​IMG]she was w/a dn didn't look very good.... but apparently she is old and duznt lay anymore but any way, she was fighting w/ all my othr hens and they r separate now, buti was wondering the proper way to intro them to each other. @ first I thought it was the pecking order which it is - but they just wouldn't stop so they are separate but I would like them to be ll together So please help
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    It is very hard to integrate just one new bird into a flock. The best thing you can do is pen her up alongside them, maybe fence off part of the run for her, so they can see her but not get to her. Let her stay there for as long as it takes for the other hens to settle down. It may take quite a while since all their attention is focused on this one new bird. I've had some pretty bad luck trying to put in one new bird even using this method long term and have seen some pretty ugly injuries. Now I won't integrate less then three at a time.
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