New owner, more help needed PLEASE!!!!


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May 19, 2012
Hi. Picked up three, fourteen and a half week old chickens yesterday and have notice the quiet one of the three, when she goes the toilet its loose and a yellow-ish colour. Is this down to the stress of the transport yesterday and new home and surrounding etc?

Even though she seems to be the quiet one she is wondering around the coop, eating and drinking.

Thanks for your advise
It's probably due to the stress of the move. But if you want to you can add a few tbsp of apple cider vinegar to their water (just make sure it's a plastic waterer, the vinegar will react with galvanized). Some yogurt might introduce some good bacteria in her intestines too. Keep an eye on it, she'll likely be fine
Sorry should have specified how much water to vinegar! I believe the recommended dosage is about 2%. I'm Canadian and think in metric but I think that would be about a tbsp of vinegar to a gallon of water??
ACV lowers the PH in the intestines and helps the digestion process. Most of the experts on this forum recommend the unpasteurized AVC from health food stores. The pasteureization process kills the good stuff in the vinegar? I plan to use it on my meat birds this year, it's supposed to help them process their feed more efficiently and cut down on the stinky watery poop that the CX are known for.

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