New peeps in da hood!


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Apr 16, 2014
Hi Ya'll,

My husband and I have our first peeps ever and we have been taking a lot of advise from the forum and posts here so we decided to join.

I am in LOVE with my peeps! They are at 2-3 weeks now and I can't believe how fast they are growing, wow!

We have 7 birds, all dual purpose. I have been taking them and petting and holding them daily so they will be friendly.

I can't tell you how hard of a decision it has been to find the right coop! My husband and I have about lost all our hair. We finally narrowed it down to two plans and plan on building because we just couldn't justify the price on some of the others with shipping.

Since we are pretty handy we hope it will work out ok.

Anyway, I am looking forward to being a member and learning more from the masters of the coop!


Oh, and we are in St. Louis, MO.


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Mar 21, 2011
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Welcome to BYC!

Congrats on the new babies! And yes, they do grow fast. There are so many nice coops in our coops pages and many of them are not too expensive to build. If you are handy, you can whip some of these up in a couple weeks time.

Enjoy this new adventure you are on and welcome to our flock!


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Mar 19, 2014
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Good luck with your poultry raising adventures, and I hope you find everything you need to know. Don't forget to take a look at BYC's very useful learning center (If you haven't already)! The learning center as well as the forum should answer your questions! Glad to have you here! See you around with the flock.
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