New piglet concerns

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by outlawfarmer, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Just brought home a couple piglets that seem small for "6weeks" and one has a tail with frost bite spots. Anyways hoping they eat and drink soon but also think they have fleas. Any ideas if I can used dogs flea spray and shampoo on them?
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    I'd clean them good with a dog product then hit them with some sevin dust. Their tails will be fine. Most of the time I like to dock their tails within a few days of birth so a little frostbite damage will be just fine.
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    I don't know about fleas but if the piglets are rubbing against stuff to scratch they more than likely have hog lice. Repeated applications of DE work but only if it isn't raining all the time. Sevin dust works awesome! Repeat again after 7 days or so for any newly hatched ones. A shot of ivermectin will get rid of them and keep them gone as well as protecting against hog mange. Ivermectin shots are expensive though! Hope you figured out what it was and treated it[​IMG]
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    Raising pigs here for food we do not use Sevin.


    they are itchy and just scratching

    they have lice. look closely with a magnifying glass to see them easily. you will see little eggs attached to the base of the hair shaft (google images of louse eggs) I use a dull razor blade to scrape them off.

    Pepermint oil to treat. yes it works

    diatomaceous earth a a regular thing dusting behind the ears, under the jowls, in the arm pits (don't know what else to call them)

    sevin is poison to us a neurotoxin- yes a neurotoxin to us as well. a cancer causer

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