New poster, needs help. Little Black Bugs.


9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
Hi, I have been reading this forum for some time, but only recently had to post. I have a bug in the coop, and, it doesn't seem to be a mite, lice, flea or tick from what I can tell. I am thinking of treating with DE but, here it's wet / raining alot and I am not sure it will work.

It is a smalll, black bug. Literally 2 mm or smaller. There are NONE in the nesting boxes. It lives only on the coop floor, likes to be under the poop under the roosts.

I thought fleas - it's small, seems to jump but, the chickens are not acting "off" and, it's not in their bedding at all - 0 - none.

I now spread bedding (pine shavings) under the roosts, and that has decreased, but not eliminated the population of these "things".

I am not sure whether or not I need to take more or different steps? The birds seem fine (we've been trying to clear out the bugs with excessive coop cleaning, and layering bedding under the roosts for several weeks now).

FWIW I live in the pacific n.w. and my ladies are simply 6 ISA reds. They are 2 and a half years old, we got them as pullets. No bugs whatsoever all last year, these critters started about 4 weeks ago.

Thanks for ANY help. The knowledge on these boards has already much impressed me (and saved me alot of grief!)
I recommend you sprinkle sevin dust in your coop. Also, you might want to inspect your chickens to see if they have any bugs on them too. If so, you can dust them with sevin as well.
I googled that stuff, wow, it looks potent. We have bees though, and lots of ladybugs, which so many reports mentions it also kills. Does it kill bugs OUTSIDE of where it's put?? Or am I safe to put it in the coop and have the Garden still be OK?
nobody else wants to take a stab??

I am hoping to try something a bit less potent if possible>?
SEVIN is used in gardens but it also kills good bugs like bees and ladybugs. I think as long as you use it just in your coop you should be okay. Or you could just try DE. Good luck!
I have bees also.

The mechanical action of the DE would be bad for the bees also, so either way, keep it in the coop.

I've used seven, but kept it in the coop only. My birds caught mites from some other birds though.

If you're not sure if the bugs are an issue for the birds, are you sure you need to treat? I would only treat if necessary.
Thanks! I was sounding around, trying to figure out if, no problem with the birds, no problem with the bugs.

Chickens aRe sweet - you sorta confirmed my gut feeling, so I will continue cleaning (lots) and watch and wait, the girls are fine, feathers good, I had 7 eggs this morning (was shy yesterday) so I know they're all on track. The website was very helpful.

That being said, if I DO get fleas / ticks, or these thingies turn nasty, I will now remember Sevin! Thanks.


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