New poults and one with a bad eye.


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Aug 15, 2013
I ordered 15 mixed poults from Stromberg's last week and my post office was so excited they decided to hand deliver them early in the morning before the usual late afternoon delivery. Just noticed today that one of what I guess is a bourbon red poult has a left eye that is opaque and slightly swollen. It doesn't seem to bother it and it can do everything else without any problem. I'm pretty sure it's in curable, but was wondering whether to separate it from the rest if this is possibly contagious?
I'd separate, not because I'd be so worried about exposure of the others, at this point (if it is contagious it's been passed around) but, rather, picking at the eye by the other poults. If you have access to tetracycline eye ointment (vet supply) you could try that. Poult will not appreciate being separated - place it someplace it can either see them or you most of the time (decreases stress on the poult).
I haven't separated them, as they seem to have enough other distractions to not pay attention to it. Do turkeys have the nictitating membrane (second eyelid)? I was watching the other poults and I thought I noticed that. If that's the case the one eyed one I think is seeing without any problems.

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