New predator proofing idea!


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Oct 21, 2008
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Since the soil where I live is a thick, sticky gumbo clay, digging is never a good idea. For the front of the run I folded 36" wide 1/2 x 1/2 welded wire with half on the ground and half vertical. The vertical is to keep the girls from pocking their head out because one of my Boston Terriers would snap their head off in a flash. The 18" on the ground will be covered with rock and a 12" deep raised garden bed. This was an idea I gratefully copied from another member.

The new idea is shown below. I got a bag of 25 ea. 4' bamboo garden stakes and cut them into 3 pieces. Since we just got through with three straight days of rain, I was able to push them 12" deep every 2 to 3 inches next to our fence. When it dries up, this will be like getting through jail bars. Here's a picture:


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I was able to push them 12" deep every 2 to 3 inches next to our fence. When it dries up, this will be like getting through jail bars

Um, jail bars made of thin bamboo. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that isn't going to keep anything much out. A dog or coyote or even a raccoon will zip RIGHT through that without thinking twice.

12" isnt' very deep either, either, dogs and coyotes and foxes (at *least*) have no reluctance to dig deeper.

If you can't put things in vertically (or if you just choose not to, like me) an apron of digproof heavy wire mesh laid horizontally on the ground, or just under the turf, for 2-4' out from the base of the fence works as well as burying things. (your 18" apron is awfully skimpy, it may be ok if you don't really have much of a predator problem but it is not the safest thing)

Good luck, have fun,



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Mar 4, 2009
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I'll admit to being a newbie, but looking at your pictures I notice you have a fenced yard and you mention a guard boston terrier so as long as you keep an eye out for signs of predator activity - I would think you're doing fine. I close mine up at night as added protection.

My BTs are overly interested in my chickens and are being closely supervised for now, I had no idea they would get so worked up over them! Maybe there is a little wolf far far back in their family tree?

With the exception of the bamboo stakes, we did the same thing, bent the wire in an L shape, zip tied the top everyso often to the wire and then use landscape pins to secure it to the ground. Like you part of it will just allow the grass to grow through and part I would like to grow something that they could snack on as it grow through the fencing, nasturiums come to mind.

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