New pullet taking a break already?

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    I got my first pullet egg two days after Christmas. Yeah! She laid every day until New Year's Eve, so it felt like we were on a roll. Since then, nothing. Now, the weather was cold over Christmas/NY but has become even colder since, with daytime temps in the single digits. The thing is, I'm not sure if
    1) the cold is the reason she's not laying
    2) she's laying elsewhere and I'm just not finding them (she free-ranges but I've looked everywhere I can think of in the backyard)
    3) she's laying and she or others in the flock are eating them (but wouldn't I find traces of egg/eggshell at least?), or
    4) she's laying but the dogs are getting to them first. I doubt this is it because the dogs are essentially indoor dogs, go out only when they need to take care of business, and in any case, I usually go out with them and check for eggs while I'm out there, so the only way they could be eating them is if they know where her stash is, and its around the side of house and they go there while I'm checking for eggs in the place where she laid them that first week.

    So - what do you all think?

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