New pullets have pale combs, etc... What to do?


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10 Years
Jul 21, 2009
We received 3 new pullet females that are supposed to be 12-14 weeks, though I think they are small. Another huge problem is their combs and beaks are very pale. We've had them for 2 weeks now and they've improved some; there's some pink coming up into the comb now, but only slightly.

Should we just be patient, letting them get stronger or give them back?

Also, they aren't used to being fed by people, they stay away from us and 2 won't eat any scraps or treat. How long will that last?

Many pullets don't get pink in their combs until they're close to laying; that in and of itself doesn't mean anything is wrong with them.

As for how long it will take them to get used to you, it depends a lot on breed. Usually if a few of them get brave, the rest will realize they won't be eaten by the big hand

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