new pullets need re training help?


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Mar 8, 2013
So i went and bought 5 pullets around 3 to 4 months old. The person kept them in rabbit cages. So all they do here is lay on the coop floor pecking at the pine shavings. And they sleep on the floor. The roost is low to the ground but they never even look at it. Ive put there food and water outside in there run to try to get them out. They just run out eat a little get a drink and run in. So anyone got some tips i can use on there training? There coop is to small for me to be in it its only 4ft by 4ft. There really tame and come out of the coop when im there. I fill like mama hen lol. But i prefer to let them be like chickens and let them look for food. And not keep food out 24 hrs a day. Ive been going out setting by the fence so they will come out. I think there just scared and im there mama hen that they fill safe with. I just wish they would go to roost at night.

BTW here they are 2 australorps, 2 buff orps and 1 sexlink that already is getting a red comb so i hope that means eggs soon lol.

How long have you had them?

Have you tried scattering scratch or feed on the ground to encourage them to scratch around?
If a chicken is sleeping elsewhere than the roost, you can place them onto the roost at night, every night. I did this with my latest batch of chicks.
You may want to lock them in the run for a while (with food and water) so they learn to enjoy being out there. How warm is it now? Do you think cold weather is bothering them?

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