NEW PUMP! Hillarious story!


8 Years
May 21, 2011
So , my new water pump arrived today! As excited as I was I opened the box, screwed some bits into some hole, put the hose on the end, dumped it into the water and wondered why it wasnt working!!?? Then I realised how a float switch works, so I picked up the float switch, as the pond isnt deep enough for it to work on its own, then BAM!!!! The hose came flying off and the nossle was pointed directly at my face. Water rushed out at a million miles an hour and completely drenched me in dirty duck pond water! Oh the trials and tribulations of owning ducks!
At the time it was horrible, because (not that I like to admit it) the pond was well past due its clean. So it was extra aweful! All in the face, and not just a splash, a presurised burst! My dad thought it was funny as he watched the water spray all over me. He said I disapeared in a fountain of water! My mum just said " what is it with guys and not reading instructions?"
. So two lessons to learn here. ONE: Mum's are most definitely always right, and TWO: point all presurised equipment AWAY from your mouth and face. I could swear the ducks were laughting at me too. " hahahaha, you shut us off from our water and now look at you"


Oh, the indignities we must endure! Yech!

Glad you can see the humor. Sheweee, did you run for the clean water hose? I have done that with the water hose but not (yet) the drain.
Well our ducks do give us hours of entertainment, breakfast, and friendship. I remember one time when there was a heavy rain and the duck pen was slick with duck manure and mud. I was having an off day and accidentally did a split
and I just sat there for a minute laughing while my ducks were looking at me like I was nuts. Sometimes I think my ducks are more sane than me.
Well... I read your post and was thinking how funny, I have been some what fortunate and havent had anything like that happen while owning the duckies yet!!!! I am accident prone so I have been pretty lucky... EXCEPT FOR TONIGHT!!!!

I am in the process of moving and so my duckies have to go to the new house, but the fence has some rotten wood, and the boards keep falling down. I wanted to put chicken wire all along the fence just as a precaution. So we had everything ready but my staple gun wasnt working, so I took it from my husband to show him how to use it!!! bad idea!!!

Instead I put an industrial staple into my finger and had to go get it removed from the er.
fun fun I guess my luck has officially run out hahaa
I literally laughed out loud as well. It's just something that would be funny to see. Duck water is just gross, full of cooties and.....ugh...ICK! Glad you made it out alive!

OMG..OUCH!! Hope the finger gets better soon! So much for carrying boxes and helping move're injured..!..

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