New pup and the chickens... :(


14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hello everyone. Last week we got a little male puppy from the humane society! His name is junior. Well since we got him he loves chasing the chickens. He hasn't actually hurt one, but I am scared that this playfullness could turn into something harmfull to the chickens as junior gets older. Is there anyway to like train him or make him stop chasing and harrassing the chickens?
The real secret to training a dog is to train the owner first. Despite that, I never let my dogs anywhere my chickens. Just good ole common sense.

Congrats on Junior! But learn to train him.
I also keep my dogs away from the birds, even the one I trust that wouldn't do anything. Playfulness can go wrong so very quickly. Either start heavy "no chicken training" right now, or keep them separated. It will take a lot of time on your part and Jr.'s for him to learn not to chase &/or hurt/kill the chickens.
Teach him the basics of down, stay and leave it.
Nothing is 100% though with prey drive in dogs anything can happen.
My dogs are trained enough that I took them into the pen with the chickens and then when they looked at the chickens I talked to them in a rough voice to show my displeasure. They leave them alone although if the chickens come near enough to them they do try and smell them. One of my boys likes to lay next to the chicks in the house and just watch them.

Get something like a "teaser ball" and give him a different outlet for play when he wants to chase the chickens. redirect his play.
I would try training him to leave the chickens alone. or keep him penned away from them when he is outside. Otherwise you amy end up losing some to him.
"Thats mine" and "leave it" have worked well with my dogs. I think a pup is naturally going to chase, dont let him near the chickens, introduce them slowly. Also, be firm, so they know what you say, goes, end of story.
My sheltie is great with ALL animals and sniffs them, then turns away. My greyhound is petrified of all other animals.

Our Walker Hound that we adopted this summer is a different story though. She is NEVER allowed outside of our fenced in backyard. Our entire property isn't fenced and our chicken run/coop is on the outside of the fence where Dixie can't get them. I would never, ever trust her with the chickens. She tried ripping one out of my arms once and it's very obvious that she has that hunting instinct in her. She was sent to the pound because she wasn't a good coon hunter, but I know she could get one of my chickens easily.

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