New Puppy and Free Ranging Hens

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Jul 30, 2016
New Ringgold, PA

So, we have a new 2 month old puppy who is very attentive, smart, and people oriented. He is a Springer Spaniel which is a type of bird dog. While we would enjoy being able to take him pheasant hunting, he has been attacking our 3 chickens and duck.

He hasn't killed any, but he does pounce on them, chase them, and has pulled out feathers.

He's a puppy. Normally, we keep him on a leash when the chickens are out and let him off after the chickens are locked up. However, are there any gentle training methods that might help him understand that he cannot chase our chickens?

We have other dogs (Beagles) who can drink out of the same water bucket as the chickens and not bat an eye. They were later trained to chase rabbits, but they didn't bother the chickens as puppies either.

Thank you!


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Walk him on the lead when the chickens are out. When he shows interest/tries to chase, jerk back firmly on the lead and tell him, "Leave it!" It's a great command that can later be used when he is off lead. Enroll him in an obedience class and give him basic obedience training. Good luck with him.


Aug 17, 2016
yes restriction and supervision. I have livestock guardian dogs (they are not bred to bond and guard birds) they have the same issue around birds and livestock when they puppies as any other breed can have. Even for the larger livestock they are bred for they still need training, restriction and supervised from puppy hood till maturity of 2 and even 3 years before they can be trusted with the stock to live with them.

And they do go in and out of learning phases as growing pups.. do really well for a while and then want to chase and even kill , you just go back to restriction and supervised training ... until they grow out of the phase and can be given less restriction but still supervised .

it was really hard for my higher prey pup Cane corso and some of the GSD;s you just have to help them with how you set up your birds and the dog areas. some dogs it takes more time.. they have all done well when maturity kicked in..

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