New puppy vs older dog, HELP!


Sep 1, 2019
Ligonier, Pa
I recently got a new puppy, Baxter, Mini Dachshund/yorkie mix. He weighs 5 pounds and is 5 months old Little dog/big attitude. The older dog, PJ, is a shepherd/shelty mix 8 years old.
As with all puppies Baxter likes to play. PJ will have nothing to do with him but does get upset if he cries or whines. Yesterday while we were trying to get them play/interact things got really aggressive with PJ, first time ever!! Baxter does nip a lot at the long hair or head butt him in the shoulder as if to say, come on, play with me.
I'm stuck, I dont know what to do with these 2 for a happy life together. Baxter is still in the training stages and I was thinking of puppy classes. Any suggestions from wise friends?
I just let them figure out was is acceptable and what isn't. My Dogs range between 10 years and 8 months. I have 5 Dogs. The puppies all learned what the older dogs will tolerate. My largest Dog is a Maremma who is 5 years old and my youngest is a Toy Poodle and they all get along because they know how to read Dog language.
Don't try to get them to play together! Your older guy hasn't hurt him, and the youngster needs to learn boundaries. 'Helping' may make things worse, not better.
You got a wild male terrier (terror!) puppy, and he likely needs a lot of squelching. It may be better to correct the puppy when he's being rude to your old guy, reinforcing his authority as the adult in the room. Just no nonsense under your feet, because you are in charge of both of them.
If aggressive was a lotta noise and ruckus but no injuries, etc. then your older dog may be training the pup that those sharp little teeth are not welcome with a puppy play frenzy. Mom would have told pups off too as they got older and more rambunctious.
This was noise and teeth, no injuries. Scared me more than pup. I've never seen that from the older one. I will let them figure it and supervise for injuries. This is going to he a long, frustrating fall, lol
Try working with them together at something that will keep pup busy and oldster happy getting treats for it...tricks, playing ball, etc. If you haven't done clicker training before there are a lot of videos out there. If they start working together and treats associated with being together and the crazy pup nearby but busy enough not to harass oldster nonstop then they will hopefully have a more positive association with each other.
Yes, go to puppy classes. It will train you on how to communicate with your dog. Dog training classes is more about training owners than the dogs. Dogs know how to sit, training teaches the owner how to tell the dog to sit.
Let the older dog set his boundaries with the young pup. That said, do not let outright attacks on the young guy, if the little one is not bothering the older one, the old guy is not allowed to run over and start a fight.
I agree with others. The older dog is the boss. It is his job to put the puppy in its place. I'm not saying to risk a dog fight. You have to let them work it out while taking certain precautions. In our home (as with many dogs) a scuffle is more likely over a food dish, a toy, or the favorite bed. Take caution to feed them separately (I always give the old dog food first, the old dog is alpha), don't let the puppy take the old dog's favorite toy (actually now my dogs are not aggressive about toys with each other, but they will not play with toys with each other, they respect that if one of them has a toy it belongs to whoever has it), and don't let the puppy sleep in the old dog's bed. Make sure they have their own space and they have their own time in the day separate from each other. They should be able to work it out.

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