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Sep 2, 2019
Northern North Dakota
Hello all!
We have a new rescue pup, she’s a Border Collie. Any tips for training her not to attack, chase the chickens? Chickens are locked in their run. Caught her chasing them once. Other times she ignores them. We’ve lost a few and not sure it was her.
Keep them in their run for now. Work on basic obedience first, especially recalls. A great way to practice recalls is for several family members to stand in a large circle and call the dog back and forth, rewarding when he comes. When he's caught on that coming means good things, put him on a long line and let him walk sort of near the run, and call him away, and reward. Do not use the long line to drag him to you, it's only to keep him from charging the run. You want the dog to come of his own volition, pulling them away does not teach them. Gradually, and only when you are successful at a distance, start getting closer, and keep up the call and reward, until he can be nose to fence and still call back to you 100% of the time. Keep rewarding him until you are at that point, then slowly wean off the treats. It is very important to be more enticing than the chickens, so use a really good reward, cooked chicken, liver, cheese are things that work well for me, but find what your dog likes best. Always be upbeat and playful, do not yell or act stern. Chasing chickens is very self rewarding, so you don't want him to ever get a chance to do that, or it could override all your training. Some dogs take longer than others, so be patient, and practice every day.
All good advice!
You have a very smart high energy dog, who wants to herd everything and everyone. This is challenging, and needs to be managed on leash first, then off leash, maybe with that leash extension, the shock collar. She needs to be solid on leash before being off lead!!!
I'd think that it's doable, but actually a guard type dog might be easier, at least with chickens.
Talk to herding dog experts, get involved in herding as a sport, get sheep! And don't expect perfection in a short time...
How wonderful for you take on rescue would love to see photos agree you have been given so great advice the border collie it receptive to training start now keep her happy
Treats work well when training. When she obeys she gets a treat when she doesn't she doesn't get a treat. At our last farm swap someone's birds got out of their cage. There is a girl that comes to the swaps with her boarder collie. We rounded up the birds. I always carry a net in case someone's birds get loose. My brother did use a shock collar on his dog. He said he only used the shock once, from then on the dog listened. I'm not sure if it would work like that every time. Many years ago before leash laws, dogs had to be under voice command in many places.
Not a fan of shock collars, personally. You never know what the dog will associate with the shock. I know someone who used a shock collar when their dog got out in the front yard. The dog happened to be walking by their car when it got shocked. They never got that dog in the car again. Still ran out the front door though.

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