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Apr 9, 2007
I've got a bator full (almost) of guinea eggs and on day 20 we heard peeping. Lo and behold, it was a chick on the fast track out of the egg. pip, zip, and out within a few hours total. Well, I was thinking that maybe those guinea eggs were sent to me partially incubated, but the more the chick dried off, the less it looked like a guinea keet. No orange beak or feet/legs. Well, it was a chicken egg mixed in with that shipment. No problem, except it's all by itself now. Here are a few pics of the poor little thing. We'll try putting our youngest 3 weeker in with it and watch, it just won't stop peeping.
Here it is hiding...

and checking out the new friend

and thinking 'this isn't too bad!'
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awwww, when are his friends gonna hatch ??? Soon I hope !!!! COME ON CHICKYS, COME SEE YOUR FRIEND !!!!
What a cutie !!!!!
I don't think hatched on day 20 and the person she ( my swap partner) got her guinea eggs from has a few chickens on the farm too. Its just a chicken I think- nothing at all keetish about it- not even the egg looked like a guinea egg. The shell was thin, the egg was oval and brown, not speckly (speckled?) and thick/hard like the guinea eggs. They are so tough usually!
Whatever, I'll post more pics as it starts to feather out and see if anyone can tell what kind it is. I may have to name it Keet or something like that though- to be the lone chick in a box of guinea about identity complex. As soon as any keets do hatch, I'll put them in with this chick. Then it won't be so lonely.
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Baby Solo is getting new friends as I speak! The guineas starting hatching today (day 18!) before I ever left the house for work. I quickly moved those pipping and zipping ones into the hatcher and added hot water to help it move up to temp quicker. I came home at 3 and a lavender one had already hatched- about 4 more pipped and 1 more is about to pop out. I just moved them all into the hatcher- about 3 doz eggs in all- 4 or 5 of them are chicken eggs from a swap (mistakenly sent to me- lucky me...
Will post more later once more have hatched and I can get a few pics...
3 keets are out now and at least 9 more are pipped...some very big pips and cracks too. Can't wait to see how many pop out during the night!
thanks Floppy! We're up to 7 hatched keets now and about 3 more almost out, with lots more pips.
Cat, if you're reading this- they're great looking, vital spunky little keets! Thanks!
Will upload pics later on...
I've got 14 hatched guineas now and more still coming! Wow! (well, I did get 42 eggs, but about a doz of them were clear...) so here's hoping I still end up with about 24 or so live keets....No sign of pips in the chicken eggs in with them though. Its only day 20 today for them....
(pics are in my camera- going to upload them now.)

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