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  1. Picked up 2 mature Hens today to add to my small flock, which includes, 3 Bantam Roos, all reared together, 5 Bantam Roscombe cross hens, 1 Barred Rock X Hen. The 2 newcomers are 1 Sussex/Leggern X and 1 Barred Rock X.
    I placed the 2 newbies into the "Fish Tank" aka segragation in sight, but a cage barrier from the others. Barred Rock X layed egg within hours too.
    I did aloow the duo out, with the others, but my older Barred Rock hen gave the new White Hen a bit of a lickin, so keeping them seperated for now.
    Here are some pics, will kep these new birds apart, but insight of the otheres for a time, then will let them out and allow the pecking order to be established.
  2. [​IMG]

    Day 3 with the 2 newcomers, it is going no bad, getting eggs from the 2 new arrivals to boot....
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    The object of keeping them seperated is to prevent fighting. When the old barred rock whupped the new white hen it set that pecking order and they would have been ok after that.
    Generally speaking it takes a week to reprogram a chicken to make it do whatever you're wanting it to do.
  4. Yup, and for other reasons too, observation, quarantine etc. I am sure the fighting is not over yet, white hen got pushy a bit with Black Rosecombe rooster, he swiftly put her in her place. He is very good with the hens, but He is the alpha roo, the other roo, OEG bantam is far bossier, and will give this or any hen a quick tune-up if needed.Just took this pic of the crew up on the roost for the night.

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