New Roo, hens not happy

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    I brought home my very first rooster yesterday and my girls are NOT thrilled! The ladies free range on our property all day so I kept Little Roo in the coop so he could get use to the surroundings. He's just a little guy, close in age to my ladies but very small. He doesn't have his spurs yet but seems very nervous. He follows me around like a little puppy and loves to be held but when I put everyone in for the night tonight two of my girls cornered him and went to pecking. For tonight I've put him in a cat carrier with a blanket and food safe from my nasty girls. I'm hoping they'll get used to each other. I wanted a younger roo so we could handle him and hopefully not have to worry about him being too aggressive with my kids. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Give him time to adjust. I would make him a separation pen to keep him in for a while until he gets more confident, somewhere the hens can see him but not attack him. Be careful handling him too much. Overly friendly roosters turn mean quicker than roosters that are wary of you. I recommend never petting and cuddling, it's a common theme for rooster attacks.

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