New Roo with Bubbling Eye


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Jul 18, 2008
Rockwell, NC
I just got a new roo home from a show and noticed right after the ride home his eyes had white, frothy looking stuff in the corners. He's not sneezing, acting funny or anything. Eating, drinking, crowing and pooing like a normal bird. Is this something to worry about? I don't want to overreact, because I wonder if he wasn't just stressed out from being at the show then the ride home. Plus he doesn't seem too used to being handled, and of course we were messing with him. I worked at a vet for many years so I'm not completely clueless on animal diseases. Don't hear any rattles or wheezes when he breathes, and he's got a healthy crow!

He is away from my other birds, btw.

I don't even think you can see it in this picture, it's such a scant amount.
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What show?...the one in Salisbury? I have a hen in isolation now that started out with what looked like a wet eye...that progressed to a bubblely eye...then to a foamy eye. Not saying that would happen to your guy - just be on the alert.

I would flush the eye with saline or sterile water and put a dab of neosporin (not w/ pain killer) in each eye. Can't hurt. If it gets worst I would seriously consider contacting the local ag agent for advise.
Yep...the one in Salisbury. That sounds like what happened to this guy. Oh no! I think I'll go to TSC tomorrow and see what they recommend. Maybe antibiotics in the water? Poor fella!
KEEP him FAR away from your chickens. Practice heavy biosecurity--wash your hands, don't wear the same shoes near both chickens, tend to your own flock first. This could be the first symptoms of Coryza, MG or ILT, and it could spread like wildfire through your flock. You need to see how this is going to develop to figure out your next course of action. Post with any new symptoms or updates, get your hands on some Tylan.
Chookchick-- Great info. I am probably being over cautious, taking care of my flock first then taking care of him then going straight back inside to wash up.

UPDATE THIS MORNING: "Butch" looks a little better today on his own, actually. One eye totally clear, the other just a small amount of bubbly stuff. He's actually pretty active today too, yesterday I was wondering if he wasn't acting a little depressed, but he was up crowing and doing his roosterly duties this morning with his "wife" Bertha. Since she came with him, I figured there's no point in seperating him from her, she's already been exposed to whatever he may or may not have. Today, after cleaning my messy house I am going to head to TSC and stock up. I'm thinking getting some antibiotics for the water and I'm going to try to find this something only vets offer?
Tylan is something you can get at TSC IF they carry it. They usually have a powder to mix in the water or an injectable kind. The injectable is cheaper.

I believe the injectable dose is 1 cc per standard bird and 1/2 cc for Bantam. Correct me if I'm wrong?
OK...if injectable is cheaper that's probably what I will get. So...two questions:

1) Where do you give a bird an injection? I'm thinking I've read on their neck somewhere? Oh my, DH is going to pass out if he has to hold for me!

2) These guys are cornish bantams, but I swear they weigh more than my RIRs! They are so stocky. Would I still do the bantam dose?
i think i've read that tylan injections are done on one side of the breast muscle. but don't keep injecting in the same location because it can cause damage to the muscle over time. try and get some terramycin eye ointment. it can be a little expensive but it is an antibiotic meant for animals and their eyes. we used it for horses to keep grit and any bacteria out of their eyes during surgery and while recovering.

the eye problem could also be caused by dust and new shavings like an allergic reaction. one of my girls had her eye damaged by the other hens and every time i change out her bedding she has it happen for about 2 days and it goes away when i treat her.

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