New rooster to 1 year old flock


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Feb 3, 2017
Hi there!!
We want to see about bringing a rooster in to fertilize the eggs to get new chicks. We have 13 RIR hens. Is this a good idea? How would we do this? Thank you.
If you can, get an older roo - they have calmed down a bit. Probably most roos will be young though, so look for a mild mannered one. Quarantine for a few weeks (research quarantine for new flock members), then introduce by the see-don’t-touch method for a few days. Play this by ear - the hens might be naturally more accepting of a male bird in their midst than a new hen, but a few of the hens might object vigorously to some male marching in and taking over. Observe closely and play it by ear. I brought a new cockerel into a flock of 1 1/2 year olds and they did fine with him, though he had to duke it out with a few of the lead hens...
How old is the cockerel you are thinking of getting? You might have better luck with an older cockerel rather than a young one. Chances are a younger cockerel will get picked on by a gang of 13 hens.

@Stephine has given good suggestions for introducing him.

We gave away one of our RIR cockerels to a friend and he went to live with 50+ hens. It went very well- he thought he was dreaming!

Good luck with your new cockerel :)

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