New Run! Hawk threat?

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    Jan 20, 2011
    I used to have a lot of problems with hawks when I first got ducks, however I was able to master the art of protecting them. Now several years later and a new (and large) coyote problem has forced me to pen in all of my poultry (Now including Geese and Guineas on top of ducks). I bought over 300 feet of fencing, I do not however plan to use all of it. It will be large, and has to be, however I have not thought of any type of top for it. And with the size I am thinking of the top would have to be made out of string of some sort. So my real question is If I will see a return to my hawk problem? I have not seen any hawks around my house in several years, but their return may be inevitable.

    My ducks are Peking and Rouen ducks.
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    Here's a few ideas:




    Just a few ideas to run by you....poultry netting is pretty cheap...
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    I remember seeing some nice poultry netting on Amazon, and the price seemed to be reasonable as well. Other than that, I suppose you know of hanging old CD's on a string and other shinny things to deter the birds of prey. As far as that goes you could use twine every few feet crossed to and fro. I understand that the hawks can see this, but this is a problem I have not had as of yet.

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