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Mar 22, 2011
Midwest City
Sort of.... I had not been letting my Orp hens out very much because they don't stay together and I would have to round them up from all over the property. The Cochins had been together with the hen sitting on eggs, but the last of them hatched and I put the babies in the brooder. So, I let out the Cochins and right away, Severus TOOK CHARGE!~ He lined out those Orp hens like nothin' to it. Now they are all roosting in the same coop, and sticking close by him. One tried to go wandering off yesterday afternoon and he chewed her out but good and grabbed the back of her head and gave her a sling towards the back yard! He doesn't appear to be "mean" to them at all, but he obviously does not take "no" for an answer! It doesn't really matter if he breeds them, because we are gathering the eggs anyway. We have a couple of Orp roos, but they are stll just babies. I'm glad he has stepped up in the protector role, I hated keeping the girls penned all the time, but wandering off alone is how chickens get dead.
Sounds like you roo is being a good shepherd. I don't have a mature rooster right now. My rooster is young and just beginning to crow. It's so funny when he crows....I'm like "What is that strange noise?" LOL

I have three older hens that run off and Lord knows where they go. Back into the woods, and sometimes they like to go to our neighbor's place (Thank goodness my neighbor really likes them.)

We live on a little over six acres, which is mostly wooded. They do stay in the backyard area mostly, but those older gals are wanderers......I expect to lose a few each summer to a predator (mainly a hawk), but I've been lucky this year.....knock on wood. I am just loaded with chicks this year......

Can't wait for my young rooster (looks like a cuckoo marans), to grow up. He's been very shy so far. Hopefully he won't turn into a maniac! LOL

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