New Silkie ....Sick....

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8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
Southeast Texas
I picked up two silkies yesterday that are 4 months old.........the are hopefully roosters or atleast one....Last night one silkie just hid her head under her wing and didnt want to be moved so i moved her inside to isolate her. She wasnt opening her eyes but when i finally could make her I looked and they look clear with no crusting or anything. She ate yesterday morning but she isnt wanting to drink or eat this morning. Her balance is good and she flaps her wings,her body temp is good but her feet are ice cold have always had RIR and BR so i am completely lost. Someone please give me some advice:(
thanks alot ladies........yesterday when i was porting them back i noticed the one who is active this morning and eating poops looking normal. My little sickly one her poop was a little watery with normal color. I am headed to post on the silkie forum also..

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