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    May 24, 2011
    could anyone give me any advice on a new member of my flock. she has been quarentined and appears healthy i have dusted her for lice etc and am going to worm all my flock together at the weekend. she is a sussex hen and has an extra toe on one foot... is this normal? she is in a pen in the chicken coop but my other girls are not too happy about her being there. Although the new hen is at least twice the size of even my biggest hen Chloe when i let them out to free range my girls wont let Frieda come close to them and will try and attack her so now shes scared to even come out of the coop when my girls are free ranging in the garden. She is very nervous and breathes heavily after they would have a squabble. i want to know if there are any suppliments i can give my hens to calm them down and to help Frieda from being stressed about all the changes or should she just grow in confidence as time goes by?
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    Quote:Can you get a product called Rescue Remedy? it's natural flower essence by Dr. Bach. I use it on my animals when under stress. I see you have other rescues how did you acclimate them to the present flock. if there is some way they can be together but separate by a fence for the time being that way they all get use to each other but gives the new girl a chance to get confidence.

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