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Mar 13, 2018
We got 6 chickens, eight weeks old, last July. Four are cuckoo-morans, one (the rooster) is a blue Americana, and one is a splash lavender Americana. They started laying in November. We now get 4-5 eggs a day. We treat them like our pets. They all have names, and they come running to the house whenever they hear the door open. They will come right up to us but won't let us touch them or pick them up. Maybe if we had acquired them at a younger age they would have let us handle them. We are really enjoying having them.
Welcome to backyard chickens!

The breeds you have are not known to be super cuddly. Marans are more likely than the others. You need a nice australorp or orpington. Silkies can be cuddly but they are bantams.

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