New Sweetgrass Poults


Nov 28, 2021
3 turned into 8. They have the sweetest little trills! Six weeks. I'm glad they're off heat. Hoping we can can pull a decent breeding group from them (heck, I'm hoping they're alive tomorrow morning!). They're very friendly and calm. Planning to free range at 12 weeks. Maybe in fall 2023 I can give my employees each a heritage turkey. 🤞🦃

The lady who raised them has them on Purina Gamebird Starter, and I got a bag to get them to 8 weeks. She's also had them on a preventative dose of Corid; any thoughts on how long to keep that up?


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Those birds are well over 8 weeks old.

What makes you think that?

They look very similar to mine at 6 weeks old.
Their bodies are still a little smaller than a full grown chicken, and they're about 10" long without their heads or tails. She kept 8 of them as well; said she got them as day olds from Porter's. Here is my friend helping me "unbox." And another with a 3 gallon water on a cinder block to compare. They generally still all look the same, too. I'd be ok with older, honestly. Hopefully more hardy and then they'd be ready for Thanksgiving! But I'd like to know for proper care. I texted again and asked for the hatch date.

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