New to all things chicken...


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Apr 25, 2013
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Hello all!! New to BYC and all things chicken....

I found this site while trying to learn everything I can about keeping chickens. I went this morning and got 8 chicks. 2 of each of the following...Ameraucana, Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington and Barred Plymouth Rock. I can't wait for my kids and husband to get home to see them as we are all very excited about our new adventure

Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated.


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Jul 17, 2011
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Greetings from Kansas, MJinNC, and
! Pleased you joined the wonderful world of chickens! You can pick up lots of great info in the BYC Learning Center link below - it will give you the info you need for a happy & healthy flock - from day old chick to adult birds. It covers nutrition, shelter, predators, etc. Good luck to you in your adventure!


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Apr 14, 2011
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My Coop
Tips and advice?? Oh where to begin!! First of all, HORRAY!!!
Owning chickens and having the opportunity to raise them from tiny chicks is such an awesome experience for kids!!​

Okay. For coop and bedding ideas, go here. Now when you build your coop, you will need 4 sq. ft. per bird for coop space, and 10 sq. ft. per bird for run space. If you go to THIS BYC Thread, and scroll down to post number 3, you'll find a ton of helpful coop info.

Handle your babies A LOT. The more you love on them, the friendlier they will be. Some breeds are more friendlier than others. The good news is, you have 2 of the most friendly chickens out there. Buff Orpingtons!! They are what I have. They are soooooo good with kids. Go Here to see what you have to look forward to with you Buff Orps.

Something that was really great for us, and I recommend to you, is to buy some colored zip ties. Put one on "one" of each of your breeds. This way, you'll be able to tell who is who if you plan an giving them names and making pets of them. Just remember to change them out as their legs grow using small wire snips. Here's how it looks, and it's VERY hellpful.

Enjoy your new babies and welcome to BYC!!

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