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my chicks rock

6 Years
Apr 9, 2013
I have 8 barred plymouth rock chicks when purchased was told they were all sex chicks which I took to mean all the same sex but their is an oddball in the mix which I think may be a rooster from what I have read so far 7 of them are much darker in color but 1 is really lighter how can I tell if it is a roo they are 5 weeks old and we are loving them all
The roo will be lighter because of a double dose of the barring gene. Does he have a bigger redder comb and wattles? He probably has bigger legs too. But I'm no expert but I do have some experience with barred. And plymouth rock is mt breed of choice. Can you post pics that would help a lot.
as soon as i figure all this out I will post pics thank you I am new to forums also LOL if I do have a rooster though I know that means i will have fertilized eggs but if we just want to eat the eggs does that make any difference we just collect them and refrigerate right sorry if this seems to be a dumb question but am truly knew to this
Did they tell you, they were sex links? If so depending on color they will be either males or females. The fact that one is different may mean it's of the opposite sex. People tend to buy "red sex links,' because they are very good layers. Maybe that is what you have.

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