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Apr 24, 2014
Oakley, Ca
Hello there : ) Im new to this forum and i have some questions about incubating eggs : ) So question
#1 im using a still air lil giant my temp fluctuates in the morning its around 99.3 and later in the day goes up to 100.7 or so give or take. The room then incubators in doesnt have no drafts. Second incubator and both do the same. Is this normal and is ok? Any advice will help Thank you

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Apr 18, 2013
North Missouri
I would say you room temps are fluctuating throughout the day. Generally I haven't had issues with a small degree of temp difference in LG's I use. And I believe the temp for still air incubation is 100.5 anyway. I could be wrong I haven't had my instructions for years. As long as theres not a prolonged spike over 102 I don't worry. And with slightly high temps might make hatch a little early but should be fine.

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