New to Backyard Chickens!

Hi Everyone,
I am new to the game and very much excited about receiving my first chick order!
1. Can anyone recommend a chicken coop that can house 6-8 big hens?
2. Can anyone recommend supplies I need to purchase before my babies arrive?

Thanks in advance!
Hi and welcome! Do you want to build the coop yourself and get directions, or do you want to buy a coop? Do you know how old the chicks you’re getting are? You’ll need some chick starter food, bedding (woodshavings are good), a good water container filled with pebbles or something so they don’t drown. If your chicks aren’t feathered you’ll need some way to keep them warm. For more advice you should go to one of the chick racing forums. Have fun!
Welcome to BYC from Arizona! This is the place to be for all your chicken news, connections to fabulous fowl folks and more!

I recommend Eco Glow (or other brand) of heat plate instead of heat lamp if you can afford it. They are much safer alternative to heat lamps which are a big fire hazard.

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