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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ctjim, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Jun 9, 2007
    hi all i'm new to byc and i'm getting some amerucana's and ri's. i have an old coop about 8x14 at my place and am getting it ready for the chickens again. i've never had hens b4 ,only cows and pigs, and regular pets. i was planning on letting them free range during the day and bring them in at night, as thats what the person i'm getting them from does now, they're not laying yet. i plan to have them in a run for the 1st few days til they get used 2 me and where they stay and food/water, is this ok? also how cold weather hardy are these type of birds? i have electric to the coop but its not working right now. also my coop has a wood floor should i put some bedding down? will hay work? i do hay on my grandparents farm, so its free. thanks for any info, jim
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    [​IMG] Welcome Jim.......... I use hay in my hen house, have a dirt floor on run.........wood slats with some wire in hen house.....mine free range all day....refuse to use they roost in the trees... and lay the eggs in my monkey grass for me HAHA. I just got 4 new babies.... 3 RIR and 1 Biff Orpington.I have 1 Rooster and 4 laying hens......... you will enjoy this site...there are alot of people that are so knowledgeable and helpful.[​IMG]
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    Hi Jim....welcome to BYC. How old are they chicks you are getting? My advice is....straw on the floor...mainly under the roost dureing the summer months....cover the floor pretty thick in straw in the winter. When you get your chicks....put them in the coop and dont let them out for about 3 or 4 days. This lets them know where to go at night, and for food and water. After about 4 days, let them in the pen....for about another week. Then when you are comfortable that they know you, and thier home, let them out of the pen about an hour before dark.
    When you go in to feed them, call to them....chick,chick, chick...then feed....or treat them. This lets them know, when you call...they get a treat, and will come "home" Good luck with your new chicks...and of course....we LOVE picks!

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